Mobile Command Information System

Product overview

  • Sysint OneCIS – Mobile Command Information System, is especially designed to deliver IT services to tactical commands and quick response units
  • Designed to support both autonomous and joint tactical operations
  • Fully automated deployment, highly mobile and secure solution
  • Flexible solution – that supports different needs
  • True “Zero day” capability for rapid deployment
  • NATO Federated Mission Networking (FMN) compliant

Complete CIS in one box

Complete FMN compatible Command Information System (CIS) in ONE mobile box (57x60x55cm). Including all server with all services, UPS, RS232-IP, and network switch. Ready to support up to 20 clients! Add our mobile network extension box and add another 20 clients.

Fully rugged solution available in partnership with MILDEF.

Automated and autonomous installation

One USB-media for installation and configuration

  • Operating systems
  • Services
  • Firewall
  • Network configuration

Management Console

  • Installation options
  • Deployment
  • Federation
  • Management operations

OneCIS services

  • Communications Services
  • Directory Service
  • Informal Messaging
  • Text Based Collaboration
  • WEB Hosting
  • WEB Authentication
  • Calendaring and Scheduling
  • Management operations
  • Firewall and IDS/IPS
  • SIEM
  • Backup
  • Automated deployment

Example customer services

  • C2IS Services
  • JISR Services
  • GEO Services

Server deployment

  • Bare metal installation from one USB-media
  • Fully automated installation
  • Robust and stand-alone installation service

Client deployment

  • Stand alone multicast deployment from USB-media
  • Fully automated installation
  • Install one to hundreds of clients within 45 min (from bare-metal)
  • Local recovery environment on client
  • One image for stand alone and domain member clients
  • Automatic branding, configuration and classification tagging



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Fabian Forster
Lead Architect

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