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We offer a wide range of products and services in the field of project management, consulting, integration and development of secure, tailored digital solutions and platforms. Our employees have unique competence and broad experience in integrating solutions for public enterprises, as well as private companies in segments such as energy, banking and telecommunications. The combination of high competence, broad experience, as well as good processes and routines make us in Sysint a competent partner and an accomplished advisor to our customers.

Project Management and information management

Agile Project and program management

We offer project and program management expertise to both public and private businesses. With us you get expertise in implementing project and program management throughout the project lifecycle from early stage to successful execution and delivery to the line. We employ best-practice models in our implementation, and agile methods in the execution phase. We deliver concept analyses, thorough project justifications, good project mandate that supports the company’s vision, strategy and objectives, and plans that support business development.

Rune Stenhaug
Senior Advisor

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Information management and collaboration

If you need expertise in information management and collaboration, we have expertise in project management and consultancy in the field. We focus on integrating business processes with information management, collaboration and archiving. With our experience, we know what measures should be taken to meet the needs of the business and create an effect that contributes to better efficiency and the safeguarding of information.

Needs analysis, requirements specification and procurement

We put our users in focus and have extensive experience in analyzing the needs and requirements of different companies and proposing relevant measures that give effect. We work closely with our customers to uncover real needs, and we base our work on a good understanding of business goals and strategy, work processes and business architecture as a basis for development and procurement.

Audun Larsen
Senior Advisor

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Business Consulting

Organization and Management

We have a good understanding of how the organization’s structure and culture affect business processes. Therefore, we quickly perceive how implementation and management in practice work within the business and know what steps we should take to achieve the measures we want to implement.

Business analysis and process work

Business analysis includes the planning and implementation of needs analyses, where the objective is to uncover and document the challenges and opportunities in work processes and associated IT systems. Our consultants have solid experience with process work, including techniques such as LEAN and BPM. We also apply value stream analysis to facilitate a structured process work.

Change Management

Even in digitized enterprises, employees are often the most important resource to implement changes. Change management is a separate competence area for which we have built up considerable knowledge and skills. Changes must be anchored among employees, and management must focus on conducting leadership to ensure that the changes are made. We believe in involving both managers and employees early in the change process, providing competence transfer and management support along the way. Competence management is established through a method-based approach to ensure broad knowledge, good skills and correct attitudes. Management support is based on solid knowledge of organization and management in order to implement the right measures, as well as a close dialogue with the company’s leaders to understand and solve current challenges. This is how we ensure that the changes are initiated, followed up, and create measurable results.

Technology Consultancy


Our employees have broad IT skills and have a good understanding of how IT works in a business perspective. We are particularly concerned that IT is one of several tools to support the company’s work processes and objectives. Business goals and strategies put guidance on which work processes are to be implemented and what data is to be used and produced. IT supports both process and production in the enterprise, both through proper use, custom software and the right hardware. We care about how people work with and understand the systems, and we facilitate this in order to achieve the best possible results.

Fabian Forster
Senior Advisor

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Security and secured platforms

For more than 18 years, we have delivered hardened platforms to customers who have high demands on security and who provide services on graduated systems. We can provide security-trained personnel with high competence around security law, security authentication and NSM guidelines. We can also help you implement the NSM’s recommended basic principles for IT security. Whether you have ground, cloud, or mid-range solutions, we can help you choose the right balance between safety, functionality and usability based on risk and valuations.

Some of our customers

We are a multi-competence environment that collaborates with some of the most demanding customers in digitalisation and business development. Through interaction and a close dialogue we create safe and effective solutions for our customers!

These are some of the customers we have worked with: